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Best Spots in Bosnia & Herzegovina! (Bosnia Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of our time in Bosnia and Herzegovina! Most of the spots I've listed we found through a tour we took with Hostel Nina with our lovely guide called Nino. I would recommend anyone who stays at Hostel Nina take this tour because I found it life-changing, it was very insightful because we learnt more about the war in the country which I think is very important. I've listed our top seven spots in this area however feel free to comment with any of your recommendations as I realise there is probably a lot more to see.

1. Kravice Waterfalls

This place was the one of my highlights backpacking in the Balkans. I had never swam in water so cold before but it was worth it with views like this. I'm sure the storyboard artists on Black Panther must have visited here as inspiration for the waterfall scene. When I posted this photo someone actually thought I was in Wakanda, which goes to how how magical this place looks. We were here for roughly 2 hours and later ate in the restaurant just next to it. Luckily, Lael and I got a lift in the boats to the other side with the waterfalls which was nice, however the swim over isn't too far and if I was feeling great I could have swam over in like 5 mins. The entrance fee for Kravice Waterfalls was 5 Euros when we went.


2. Blagaj Tekjia

This place feels straight out of an European fairy-tale. The water is so fresh and clean here that you can drink straight from the river which I did! The white building in the background is a Monastery and its around 600 years old. Lael and I went inside the monastery and we both had to cover up because you can't show too much skin. Inside there are prayer rooms, a bathroom and bedrooms. It's all very simple but has an understated beauty. When we went entrance fee was 2.5 Euros to look inside. We got a lift to this place through our tour however there are buses that go here.


3. Počitelj Fortress

Anyone who knows me knows I love a fortress. Ever since I went to Nafplio I think its the best way to walk through and experience the history of a place. The walk right to the top was killer especially in the heat but well-worth it for the views. Beware once you are inside the fortress, the steps are very steep so make sure you're wearing good trainers/sneakers with you! Once we reached the top of the tower we climbed through the gaps in the walls which was amazing because of the cool breeze. This whole place gives you the feeling that you are back in the Middle Ages.


4. Počitelj Old Town

I would just recommend walking around the Old Town. There is also the Hadji-Alijina mosque here which dates back to the 16th century and another great vantage point of the town on the opposite side of where the fortress is, which is where I took this photo. During my walk through the town one of my highlights was the view of the Neretva River. The colour is the same as the mountains beside it which make it look even more special. I also bought this elderflower drink from the street which was the most refreshing drink I had in a long time!


5. Hum Hill

This was our last stop on our tour with Nino. I won't go into too much detail about what Nino said but he went through the conflict during the war and the after effects that are still being felt till this day on both sides. At the top of Hum Hill you can see most of Mostar, you have the beauty of the surrounding mountains but you can also see the bullet-ridden buildings which shows the war wasn't too long ago. Nino's talk really highlighted the importance of forgiveness but also the power of saying sorry. I'm an outsider so will never fully understand the politics that led to the war but did take away how blessed Lael and I are to live in a war free zone and we should never take that for granted. I would recommend coming here with a local if you can. He recommended this documentary to find out more about the war.


6. Hidden Underground Airbase

During our tour we went to a hidden underground airbase set up by the former Yugoslavian Military. This was built under a mountain as a hangar for their fighter jets. The tunnels are massive and in the past they kept a lot of their anti-aircraft weapons here. This is the only photo I can't take credit for! If you press the photo it should take you to Hostel Nina's Facebook page where this photo was taken. All the photos inside the underground airbase I took were too dark because were walking in complete darkness with a torch to guide us through. This location wasn't too far from Mostar but have no idea how you can get here. I would definitely recommend finding a tour that takes you through an underground airbase because you find out more about the war and the conditions a lot of soldiers hid in. I wouldn't usually have gone into something like that but found it really interesting.


7. Hostel Nina

Last but not least I have to shout out Hostel Nina! Hostel Nina is run by a family and they were so kind to us during our time here. Like most hostels its great place to meet fellow travellers and share experiences with those people on the tours. Hostel Nina also offer free lifts from the bus station when you first arrive. Other than their kind family, the other highlight was the free breakfast which was so tasty. Next time I promise to take photos to show you proof. They were able to drive us to our next stop in Montenegro for a reasonable price which was nice as most coaches would have taken twice as long to get to our next location. Prices weren't too bad for our two night stay, it was roughly £16 for the two nights for our own private room! It had a lovely home feel and will miss chilling on the balcony watching the sun rise.


Thanks for reading! I just want to shout out the coolest girls we met from Argentina (Luci &Cami). We travelled with during our second day here and they were so lovely, thank you for making this part of our journey even more special. For those who have may have missed it click here for Part 1 for our time in Mostar!

- Lou

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