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Spring in Portugal!

I'm currently writing this in a city where it's pouring with rain (this is a common thing where I live) so going through these photos are giving me complete joy and also making me glance at easyjet to book my next sunny holiday. I love where I live and wouldn't change it for the world but one of the reasons why I love Lisbon so much is because of how colourful it is. Blue skies ( it's a thing in some countries England :P) Gold houses in the sun, Blue art on the walls and Pink trees in Spring as you can see underneath. I love colour and everywhere you walk in Lisbon the city is painted in beautiful pastel colours that radiates in the sun. So even if you don't read anything look through the beautiful photos, I feel like I'm getting some Vitamin D by just glancing at them.

Day 1

First up I've got to shout out where we stayed Lost Inn Lisbon. It was great for so many reasons firstly the staff are really lovely. (I'll take the payment by card Reuben :P). In all seriousness it's a hostel with a nice social atmosphere and I'm still missing the free nightly sangria and chorizo evenings. I'm all about free food and breakfast is included which is always a plus. Like most hostels we met people from everywhere throughout our time there which was nice to exchange travel tips. It's located in Chiado so very central to get around and close to the amazing Bairro Alto. Price per night when we visited was $22. More details check out their website.

First day we arrived around the late afternoon and just walked around the city. We didn't have any plan or map which is always the best. We went through corners, up the hills and followed the Tram 28 route. It's the sort of city where its really nice just to explore and walk around to soak up the city. The highlight was just seeing all the beautiful buildings, we looked inside some churches and dropped in a place for wifi as you can see by the third photo to figure out where we were. Also re Photo 4 if you are in Lisbon and see Andy let them know, its terrible what he did to those flowers :P

Day 2 - Sintra!!

Sintra was number one on the list when we were heading to Portugal its known for its beautiful landscapes and palaces. This place looks like it has come straight out of a fairy tale. It feels magical and I felt so inspired with every new location that we went to. If I had to pick out a highlight it would have to be climbing the rocks at Cabo da Roca and eating Pasteis de Nata and Travesseiros while we were there. We did a Sintra Tour with Lost Inn Lisbon which helped because we able to hit a lot of locations in one day because we had a car. However a lot of people do go by train and still manage to do a lot here. The whole tour was 25 Euros - we left around 9 and got back around 5/6.

Quinta da Regaleira

It's all very beautiful, we walked through waterfalls, went inside caves with huge bats and walked around the stunning gardens but the highlight there was the well with the spiral staircase. You can either enter by well at the bottom or a secret cave at the top. It plunges seven levels with many steps (feels like somewhere Littlefinger from GOT would be hanging out scheming). Tip: There's a big stone door at the top which could be closed to seal it off. First image is a photo of the Moorish Castle btw!

Boca do Inferno at Sunset

Cascais is beautiful and this place just shows how stunning it is. Great place to see the sea and coastline of Portugal especially at sunset. At this point, this was the last thing we did in our trip. We didn't say much at this point because we were so tired but it was great to share this moment with such a great friend and our travelling buddy for that day Sarah. Travelling with friends and seeing sights like this stay with you forever. So thanks Nina :)

Cabo da Roca

This is the most Western part of Mainland Europe and it was my highlight. We were here for a good hour just watching the waves crash into the rocks. You're very close to the cliffs as you can see from the photos but its worth it seeing such a view. We went right to the edges which was breathtaking.

One of the highlights was seeing a Chuck Bass lookalike getting his friends conduct a mini-photoshoot for him near the cliffs. Still wondering how those photos turned out.

Tyra Banks needs to hit him up for a potential Portugal's Next Top Model.

Guincho Beach

I love my beaches especially at Sunset and Sunrise and this beach is close to Cascais so worth a visit. We weren't here for too long but enjoyed the time we had soaking up the sun. The highlight was Nina. She knows what she was doing on the beach :P

Penedo da Amizade

It's definitely worth hiking up here in order to see these views at the top. It's not too difficult and we rested for a bit at the top once we got here. It's just below Sintra's Moorish castle so a great place to go if you want to see a lovely view of it. This place is also known as the 'Friendship Rock', so great to hang out here with a good friend or someone you want to be your friend? Issa Rae let's go!

Just to say a big thank you to Reuben and Vasco for being great Tour guides. This day was my highlight of the trip and their constant humour , insight and lovely energy throughout the day made it all the more amazing.

Day 3

Our final day. It was weird because you would think with everything we did the day before we would be wiped out but it made us more hungry to see more of Lisbon. I did have a nap though. The main things we did on the final day was visit the Aquarium, walk through Alfama (Oldest District) and went to a Fado Night in the evening.

The highlight of this day was the Fado Night, we met these three guys who were on a buddy holiday for one of the guys 50th birthday. Goals anyone? They reminded us of an older version of the Hangover guys with their antics. They were lovely and I hope someone greenlights a film of their trip. The food was great and we had two live singers sing so passionately as we ate. It was like listening to Edith Piaf in Portuguese. I loved it.

After the dinner we visited some of the bars on Rua cor de Rosa/Pink Street which was really fun. They have some really quirky and interesting bars, the one we visited was Pensao Amor which has one of the most colourful and artistic interiors that I ever seen. Our flight was 7am the next day so we didn't really sleep but was worth it for our final night in Lisbon.


I'll be back in Lisbon next year April since my sister is moving there for a few months so expect more blog posts when I return to one of my favourite places. I haven't talked enough about the amazing Portuguese food I had so promise to do that in the next one!

~ Lou

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