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the quality of being careful with money or resources


noun  par·si·mo·ny  \ ˈpär-sə-ˌmō-nē \


I'm a statistician working in the DC area. What's a statistician? It would take too much space to explain here. Google it. 

Although I fell into a very left-brain career, I love channeling my energy into creative pursuits (including writing!). I'm an amateur artist, Meyers Briggs ENFP, and notorious cheapskate who often doesn't think before speaking.


Hi! I'm a Development Assistant working in British TV Drama which I love. I've always been passionate about stories and feel very lucky to work where we get to create and develop original and innovative stories for the world to see.


I love dancing, spoken word writing, film and singing even though I don't think my voice should be heard outside the shower. You'll most likely find me with a smile on my face. Life is too short to have anything else :)




Well, hello there

We're two friends who met in 2013 while studying at University of Maryland Baltimore County. Ever since, we've stayed in touch and traveled to some interesting places together. We decided to start a blog and share our experiences with others!

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